Cafe and Shop Area

We have also spent time re-organising the Discovery Centre with a refurbished Café area and “Treasure in the Rocks” shop space.


New signage around the site is in preparation and should be in place shortly.  New Trial Guides have been prepared.

You are most welcome to come and visit us and see for yourself.

New Website

The website has be redesigned and is still in a “Beta Testing” stage so please bear with us as it shakes down and final developments take place. You can now book and pay for courses on line as well as send us donations.

Please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us any comments you may have on the site or use the form on our Contact Page.

New "Honesty Stone"

New “Honesty Stone”, “Donations Stone” and Car Parking/Donations “Honesty Safe”
We have installed two new donations stones and a Donations Stone, Car Parking “Honesty Stone” and Car Parking “Honesty Safe.”.  The safe is in the main car park near the access to the High Peak Trail was donated by Wirksworth Town Council.  The other two are made out of “Black Rocks” gritstone that was unexpectedly “unearthed” when excavating foundations for a new warehouse.

One is sited at the entrance to The EcoCentre since all their course visitors to EcoCentre park on National Stone Centre land.  Presently parking is effectively free of charge with almost nothing being donated to the internal EcoCentre Car Parking “Honesty Box” over the period of a year. This Honesty Stone will hopefully be more obvious and encourage their clients to donate additional “car parking” money than we receive at present.

The other is a general “Donations Rock” down by the Discovery Centre.  We would appreciate regular users of The National Stone Centre land, for example dog owners who often frequent twice daily, to walkers and families who use our facilities for many personal reasons, for example to fathers allowing their children to drive motorised miniature vehicles on our land, through to various users who carry out their hobbies on our site (without our permission) etc.  

Need for Donations
The land is 100% owned by the charity, “The National Stone Centre.”  We are 100% volunteer based and receive no public money to support any of our activities, whether our educational work with schoolchildren (presently around 2000 children a year) or the maintenance of the facilities.
Whatever you can afford, would be greatly appreciated so please make a donation to help us maintain the site for public use and the charity as a whole when visiting us by whatever means, whether on foot, by bike, car, campervan or by bus!