Key Stages 3 & 4

keystage34A visit to our “Building Britain” Exhibition and to the Geo-Trail will be most appropriate for Key Stages 3 & 4. These illustrate and lend discussion to the following concepts required in the National Curriculum spread across several different subject areas;

  • Earth Structure and Composition
  • Plate tectonics, the Rock Cycle and Geological Processes
  • Interactive timeline to discuss evolution of the Earth’s environments, atmosphere and climate change through geological time.
  • Mineral resources and their extraction
  • Quarrying & Limestone
  • Construction Materials
  • Calcium carbonate and the limestone reaction cycle.


How to book
1.    First check, by telephoning the National Stone Centre, to see if your chosen date is available before completing the booking form.
2.    Choose between filling out our online booking form or downloading the PDF form and sending it in by post
3.    Print out two copies of the Health & Safety Statement and return a signed copy with the completed booking form to the National Stone Centre.