From buildings, roads and steel manufacture to ceramics, sculpture, glass and toothpaste, use mineral materials directly or as a vital part of the manufacturing process.

On our Geo-Trail, visitors will discover the fossilised remains of sea creatures that lived near the equator in a tropical lagoon 330 million years ago. How can they be embedded in rocks high above sea level in Derbyshire?

You will also learn about quarrying of limestone and the mining of lead, an industry that pre-dates the Roman period.

Our Exhibition in the Visitor Centre will show how the Earth was made and explain how rocks and minerals are extracted and the importance of these products to our everyday lives.  

It is not surprising that the understanding of rocks and minerals are featured in curriculum areas such as GeologyPaleontology, Science, Geography and Technology. Studies can also link to other curriculum areas such as History, Literacy and Numeracy.

How to book

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