The National Stone Centre is a Charity receives no public funding.
The National Stone Centre has undergone significant changes recenty and our new set of Trustees are working hard to ensure that is well loved and returns to being viable.

It is important to realise that the National Stone Centre is a long standing charity based organisation based around the education of school children who visit the site during the academic year. Our assets are largely un-gated and the general public are most welcome to walk around and explore the numerous interesting aspects of the site.

But without your financial support, we will not be able to keep the site open for the schoolchildren to explore the unique geological aspects of the site or for you to enjoy as general family visitors, geologists, cyclists, ecologists, general (High Peak Trail) walkers or dog owners.

We therefore humbly request that you do pay your requested parking fee, use the facilities, buy food and purchase items from the superb selection of geological based items (books, fossils and gem stones etc) offered for sale in the Treasure in Rocks shop and lastly donate whenever you visit. Our regular visitors (we have many who visit us twice a day), please enjoy the café, the Exhibition, the site in general and donate regularly using our various donation boxes. Three are large grit stone Honesty/Donation Stones and one is the Ex Wirksworth Town Council, Council Chamber Safe (the one next to the old train in the car park). Other smaller ones are scattered within the Discovery Centre.

Without your financial support, we will not be able to continue to offer access to the site.