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Published 02/09/2019

Geology and Fossils Embroidery Exhibition

by the East Midlands Embroiderers' Guild


And now for something completely different!

Yes even more different than the proverbial chalk and cheese.   How about embroidery and rocks?

This just one of the themes of a display in the Discovery Centre at the National Stone Centre in Wirksworth in Derbyshire.

From 31st August until 25th September  [i.e. throughout and beyond the Wirksworth Festival], members from the East Midlands Region of the Embroiderers’ Guild will be showing off their talents in fabrics and threads on the theme of fossils, rocks and minerals.

Stunningly realistic examples amongst the seventy or so works on show include recreations of amethyst geodes, sizeable pebbles weighing only ounces and a book which opens up to reveal a ‘plan’ of benches in a deep quarry.

There is a  cunning box full of geological specimens - throughout the presentation, colour, skill  and novelty are impressive.

Entry is free *but as parts are shown in rooms used by others, access may be restricted so check below for dates & times.

There's plenty else to see - buy the real thing in the Rock Shop or take  a break in the Blue Lagoon Café.

Tell your friends - tell everyone!

Who said geology and sewing don’t mix?


The Geology and Fossils Embroidery Exhibition is being held in our meeting room inside the Discovery Centre. - click here


Open:  31st August – 25th September 2019   10am – 5pm*

*CLOSED: 1st Sep 1pm-5pm   4th & 11th Sep 10am-2pm   12th Sep 12pm - 3pm

14th 20th & 23rd Sep - all day   16th Sep 1pm–3pm   18th Sep 9am-2pm

SORRY! - all the above dates and times = the exhibition is temporarily CLOSED!

Please call 01629 824833 to check access to Exhibition