National Stone Centre

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Blue Lagoon

The National Stone Centre also has an amazing new Cafe on site; Blue Lagoon.

The friendly staff at Blue Lagoon will prepare fresh hot and cold food all with locally sourced ingredients, you can enjoy specialty teas as well as the best coffee in the area (in our humble opinion).

Why not try the all-new all day breakfast!

When walking the High Peak Trail, why not treat yourself, call in and try a delicious freshly baked home-made fruit or cheese scone (especially the cheese!) and a proper English pot of tea.


The name 'Blue Lagoon' reflects the geological history of the area in which our Coffee House & Café is set. The limestones which you can see exposed in the adjacent rock outcrops and former quarries were deposited as carbonate sediment on the floor of tropical seas and shallow lagoons approximately 340 million years ago. At that time, Britain was situated close to the equator and the local environment was similar to that of the Bahamas today. These warm blue waters were teaming with life (including corals, shellfish, sea lilies and sharks). The fossilised remains of such creatures are commonly well-preserved in the local limestones and are one of the reasons why the National Stone Centre is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

at the NSC's Discovery Centre

Your hosts at Blue Lagoon

Sultana, Cherry & Walnut and Cheese Scones (warm)



Christmas Lunch Menu now available - see below...

Jacket cheese and beans at Blue Lagoon café

Coffee and Cake


All Day Breakfast